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The Discovery Phase

One of the Evolution Shading Systems team will be in touch with you, this will be the one who best aligns with you and your needs to ensure you get the best knowledge for your industry, or home. We have built our company on the premise that every project is different. We also pride ourselves on giving onsite consultations to fully understand your project, the needs and the environmental factors at play.

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Project Feedback & Approval Phase

It’s time for you to give us feedback on the proposal, anything you think we’ve missed and then finally approve the project. We’re always open to collaboration with our clients as we believe this creates a great result at the other end.

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Installation & Deployment Phase

Once everything is approved, we’ll move to install your outdoor umbrellas and other shade solutions to specification as soon as your timeline allows it. We’ve got products in stock and will work with you to ensure lead times and deadlines are met.

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Follow Up Phase

Our connection with you doesn’t end when we’ve put the umbrellas up. We will keep in touch with you to make sure the solution is working as intended and we will have an open line for any other questions, projects or solutions we can assist with.

Get Exclusive Resources to Set Trends

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We’re proud to offer exclusive resources for architects, designers and specifiers. If you’d like access to our resource portal please sign up to become a member of our Evolution Shading Design Crew and we’ll give you the keys to design so you can set the trends that others will follow.

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